About Us

Stand out Candle Containers

Make your candles look as incredible as they smell !!

Candle Opus was founded out of necessity...(some would even say desperation). As a candle making hobbyist and small business owner, I was looking for a way to make my products stand out.   My aromas, were exceptional, my burn was non-toxic, clean and even top-to-bottom.  But on the store shelf, even with a fancy label, my candles looked just like any other hand-made soy candle, because they were presented in a common, predictable container.  

Moreover, my ordinary packaging was limiting the price I could charge and cutting into my profits.  Although my candles were made of premium ingredients; to stay competitive, I had to sell them at an average price because  my packaging was similar to that of an “average” priced candle.

I searched high and low for different candle containers, but the same old collection of container styles---mason jar, aluminum tin, straight side glass...Zzzz! Zzzzz!  and Zzzz!....kept coming up website after website.   When I did find something of interest, the minimum order quantity and cost of shipping were so high that the numbers wouldn't work for a small candle producer like myself.  So thinking that others were in the same boat, I decided to create Candle Opus; a marketplace were elegant, upscale candle containers can be purchased in small volumes at a reasonable price.  I connected with a supplier and distribute products from a warehouse in Niagara Falls, NY. I also have a small distribution centre in Toronto, Ontario Canada.   I hope you enjoy the results and encourage you to share your masterpieces with me on Instagram, Twitter an Facebook.

burning love --Joelle Sam