Ivor Candle Jar Set - Recycle Clear

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This straight side candle jar is an essential foundation of any natural luxury brands.  The subtle beach glass green tint  is due to the recycled materials used to create this next level jar.  The matching metal cap has a silver lacquered finish. Part of our Refined Rustic Collection, the Ivor Candle Jar is ideal for showcasing the true luxury of nature.

Made in Spain

This jar features  

  • 100% Recycle Glass
  • Lead Free
  • FDA Compliant - BPA Free
  • Luxury Jar (included)
  • Matching Lid (Included) - silver lacquer with rubber insert.  BPA Free.  Lead Free

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Base Diam.
Top Diam.
Holds this much wax
3 in 5 in  2.9 in 13.5 oz

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