Meadow Candle Jar Set

Meadow Candle Jar Set

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This straight side candle jar is the ultimate canvas for creating a natural luxury brand.   Made from 50% recycled glass, this emerald green beauty comes with a matching cork lid.  A star in our Refined Rustic Collection, the Meadow Candle Jar is ideal for showcasing the true luxury of nature.


This jar features  

  • 50% Recycle glass 
  • Cork top -  Tapered Agglomerated cork Made in Portugal
  • Lead Free
  • FDA Compliant - BPA Free
  • Luxury Jar (included)
  • Matching Cork Lid (Included) - diam top = 2 .875 inches

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Base Diam.
Top Diam.
Holds this much wax
3 125 in 4.25 in   3.125 in 12 oz

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